Dr. Duck's Adventure

Dr. Duck teaches kids some great lessons!

Dr. Duck Meets the Poozies

Dr. Duck babysits the Poozie twins!

Dr. Duck Meets Professor Parrot

Dr. Duck visits his best friend Professor Parrot!

Dr. Duck Learns Quack-Fu

In order to face an evil bully, Dr. Duck learns the way of Quack-Fu!

Leakman the Imp

Leakman is sent to Hell and has to deal with evil Llamas and their soldiers.

Dr. Duck in: Camp Scary

Dr. Duck starts a new camp and invites his friends to be scouts in his endeavor!

Leakman EF: Evil Fable

The prequel to "Leakman the Imp," here we look at Leakman's life as the human Mitch who was a very evil man.

Naughty Doll: The Tragedy of Joe Lassoher's Toy Collection

Joe Lassoher, the famous toy collector, brings in a new toy, a flashlight/action figure hybrid named "Firelight." It was then when things go horribly wrong for the other toys in Lassoher's collection.

Dr. Duck and the Quacker Coins

Dr. Duck finds a lucky penny near his bed that has a genie hidden inside! Now Dr. Duck has to find all the quacker coins for the genie to grant him a wish!

Ren and Stimpy W: Mission from Asgore

Ren and Stimpy are trapped in the Undertale world because Asgore needs their help!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

A retelling of a classic fairy tale, three goat siblings must travel across a bridge guarded by an evil troll to eat more grass.

Leakman Re-Enraged

A remake/retelling of the original "Leakman the Imp" from 2018. A bad man had been turned into an imp and was sent to Hell, and now he must fight off enemies who want to torture him!

Jinny and the Wolf

A parody of 'Peter and the Wolf,' starring characters from Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball, and more!

Out of Jimmy's Head W

The government looks into camera footage taken of the terrorist attack at Appleday Studios to find out who the perpetrator is.

The Viciousest Bunnysitter

Baby Bibby is being babysat by the Bunnysitter, and while the Bunnysitter does his own thing, Baby Bibby does some crazy stuff!

Hunt Me Down

This story is told from the perspective of a high school boy who, after an accident gone horribly wrong, has his whole life turn around for the worst.

Kool Skool Meltdown

This is a story of an angry boy whom, after getting angry with his life, turns it upside down.

The Legend of Ugh

A brave knight named Ugh goes on a quest to save a beautiful princess from an evil villain to save a kingdom.

Mario W

Mario gets revenge on his enemy for taking away his love!

Leakman IIII Fork

Leakman finds himself stranded in the land of fairy tales, to fight off the most evil fairy tale villains to save the day!

Leakman: The Llama Wars

The backstory behind how the father-son duo the Purple and Green Llamas decided to team up with Dr. Dorkguy on their eventual revenge on Leakman the Imp.

Leakman Note

Dr. Dorkguy writes a note to Leakman.

Leakman Impsanity

Leakman goes crazy in this new adventure!

My Gympartner's a Monkey W

Adam Lyon and Jake Spidermonkey fall in love, but meanwhile the talented Mr. Bixby is watching them from behind.

George of the Jungle 2007 W

This is a documentary about a Cartoon Network program from 2007, the infamous "George of the Jungle" reboot that caused a lot of kids to get seizures.

Leakman Ultra-Length

Leakman stars in this epic poem about his everyday life!

Chicken Ball GT

In this adventure, Goku must save Raven from the evil Yu Gi Oh with Ed, Edd, and Eddy and friends!

Dr. Duck and the Quacker Coins Remallard

This is a remake of "Dr. Duck and the Quacker Coins" from 2020. Dr. Duck must collect all the Quacker Coins for a genie to grant him a wish!

Leakman X

In this alternate timeline spinoff of the "Leakman the Imp" saga, Leakman is now the king of his own kingdom known as the Leakingdom.